How Wallpaper Can Change the Look of a Room

Wallpaper is definitely having its comeback moment. Once considered old-fashioned, wallpaper can now be found in the most modern homes and upscale inns. Where there were once a few floral options, there are now hundreds of different varieties. The textures, patterns, and sheets now available in wallcoverings can truly alter the look and feel of a room.


Texture Wallpapers

According to Dave from Wallpaper is available in more textures than ever before. Textured options may be made of wood, fabric, woven grasses, or other materials. The type of texture you choose can affect how that wallcovering impacts your room. Woven grasses, whether natural or synthetic, can create a natural, outdoorsy feel in a room. These types of wallpaper are often monotone and go well with minimalist décor. In contrast, a velvet-flocked wallpaper can give a warm, inviting feel to a room. You may find that guests are literally drawn to their unique and soft-to-the-touch patterns.


Patterned Wallpapers


Patterned wallpapers can sometimes be intimidating. You may love a pattern but think it just might overpower your space. In this situation, designers may use a pattern only on an accent wall, or even just on a piece of accent furniture. This way, you can enjoy your pattern without being overwhelmed by it. Certain patterns can even have very specific effects on a space. Geometric patterns, for example, can create a three-dimensional perspective and actually make a room appear larger. This is a great trick to keep in mind when considering wallcoverings for a smaller room.


Metallic Wallpapers


Metallic wallpapers are one of the newer varieties of wallcovering that are really taking off in popularity. Metallics can significantly alter the way that light reflects throughout a room. This prismatic effect can brighten up an otherwise dull room. Even at night, when the lights are dimmed, some metallic wallpapers continue to have a glowing effect on a room, giving it a romantic or sultry feel.

Don’t be afraid to add wallpaper to your home. Start with one small space, and experiment. In no time, you’ll discover the many effects that today’s wallcoverings can have on a room. With these tips in mind, you can make wallpaper work for you to accomplish your unique decorating goals.

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