Discussion notes: What is 19 Tory St, why is it here?

22/5/12: Ben Knight and Richard Bartlett (from 19 Tory St), Sophie Jerram (Letting Space) and Dick Whyte (Artist, Teacher, Aro Valley pundit) fronted an informal discussion about art, politics, and access to space. Ben opened with an introduction to Concerned Citizens, the collective behind 19 Tory St. Concerened Citizens started at a Garrett St address … Continue reading

Palestine Monologues

A fundraising event for independent journalism in Gaza, Hungry for Freedom: The Palestine Monologues, featured six people reading out original pieces of writing from residents of Gaza and the West Bank. Read more at Scoop.

Seventeen Tory Street

As of Monday March 19th, Concerned Citizens have secured a space at 17 Tory St in the heart of Wellington City. We intend for the space to be massively diverse in its use and radically participatory: a space for open-source art, learning, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, talks and more. We want you to get involved! You … Continue reading