On now at 19 Tory St: THE SEE HERE presents LISA WALKER

Currently showing new work by LISA WALKER | 23rd July – 19th August
theseehere.com | info@theseehere.com | 022 169 7583

The See Here is a forum for interaction with experimental jewellery practice. It provides public space for showing work that:

  • Explores the terrain between body adornment and issues of fine art and craft
  • Has a relationship with what we call contemporary jewellery and
  • Is made by jewellers or artists with background dealings in contemporary jewellery.

We are dedicated to presenting work that is challenging, takes risks and has a conceptual substructure.

Lisa Walker is a New Zealand born jeweller/artist/designer, mostly working in the area of contemporary jewellery. She exhibits and is involved in projects in museums, galleries, and other venues in Europe, Japan, America, Australia, and New Zealand. She is regularly invited to teach workshops and give lectures in educational institutions around the world.

One issue of her work is a study into the differences between an acceptable notion of beauty or stereo-type, and something else – the search for an aesthetic that we hardly ever see, but nevertheless perhaps recognise. She is continually pushing towards the extreme, and recognises this is a method which enables her to expand her thinking and way of working.

She works in a large range of materials and techniques. She makes reactionary work, consciously active with influences from all walks of culture and life. The pieces are often laced with references to contemporary jewellery of the last 40 years, questioning and researching what jewellery means, what it can be.

Lisa – www.lisawalker.de


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