Gig to raise money for Syrian refugees

A message from Concerned Citizen Tali Williams:
“In 2006 I visited Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria. Yarmouk was the home of many Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. The camp survived at full capacity, its infrastructure struggling to cope as more Iraqi refugees came looking for a home in the wake of the war. A few weeks ago my friend Abed who works for the Jafra Foundation in Yarmouk told me the camp was now flooded with the internally displaced, bearing witness to the irrefutable horrors visited on the people of Syria for the year and a half following their uprising. In desperation he asked if there was anything we could do from here in New Zealand to assist with resources.
I asked around some local artists and musicians and under Concerned Citizens have organised a gig to happen this Saturday to raise funds for Yarmouk:”

The All Seeing Hand, The Body Lyre, Hutt Old Boys, Von Thundersvolt
Saturday 15 September 8pm
@ 13 garrett st
$10 entry – all proceeds go to Jafra Foundation


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