Cuban film screening “City In Red” – Friday the 12th October, 6.00 pm at 19 Tory Street.

This is an invitation to come along and watch the Cuban movie “City In Red” on Friday the 12th October, 6.00 pm at 19 Tory Street.

This movie was first screened in Wellington at the 2010 Latin American Film Festival and is well worth a second viewing. Entry by koha. Look forward to seeing you there!

In her first full-length feature, director Rebeca Chavez tries to tackle several existential questions. Based on the novel Bertillon 166 by Jose Soler Puig, the movie shows a day in the life of Santiago de Cuba during the final days of the Batista dictatorship.

The dialogue is between two of the film’s characters who employ different modes of fighting for the same end: to stop the state terror that existed in Cuba at the time. As in the book, the movie explores generational differences and different ways of fighting (ideas or weapons).

From a review of the movie in the Havana Times, April 9, 2009


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