12 months ago, the use of 19 Tory St was granted to the Concerned Citizens community to set up the Open-Source Community Gallery we all know and love. In that time, the space has hosted more than two hundred events, all initiated by self-organising people in the community. All of these events have involved the … Continue reading


Vampimple, a play written and performed by Alice May Connolly as part of the NZ Fringe Festival in Wellington, was not only staged in 19 Tory St, but also set there. 19 Tory was treated as a ‘found space’ for the nights of performances, which created an intimate and unique theatrical experience for the audience. … Continue reading

Question and Answer with Scrap Princess on Opening Night

Scrap Princess has been a-making the things. The things are things, stuck together in crude sorcery, an apish mimicry of totems , skulls , critters, and alien seeds. Street detritus and unwanted consumer goods are the matter of them. They were at Tory Street for you to see and adopt. The exhibition was formed through … Continue reading