Question and Answer with Scrap Princess on Opening Night

Scrap Princess has been a-making the things. The things are things, stuck together in crude sorcery, an apish mimicry of totems , skulls , critters, and alien seeds. Street detritus and unwanted consumer goods are the matter of them. They were at Tory Street for you to see and adopt.

The exhibition was formed through March and opened on the 25th of March. Here is a rough transcript of an interview Murdoch (M) did with Scrap Princess (SP).

Murdoch: The materials for your show were all found? Were free?

Scrap Princess: I bought some nails and some tape. I wanted to do it with entirely found materials but thought ‘fuck it’ – I wanted to make cool art more than working from nothing.

M: You are from Dunedin. Yes or No.

SP: No.

M: Huh? WTF? I thought you were.

SP: I’m living there, but wouldn’t say I’m from there. I’ve been living in a lot of places – Christchurch, Melbourne, Wellington, Dunedin.


M: Did anyone hassle you while collecting the materials?

SP: If you’re digging through rubbish you kind of turn invisible.

M: How did you find the dumpster diving in Wellington?

SP: A lot worse. Since eight or nine years ago they’ve hobo-proofed the place a bit. They’ve built chain-mesh fences, keep the bins inside and have installed trash compactors.

M: And in Dunedin?

SP: There are some places, but its pretty poor. Living in Melbourne I got kind of spoiled. In Dunedin you go up the hill and find half a carton of yoghurt but you burn more kilojoules in the climb.


M: Tell me, Boon – what is the Scrap Princess persona?

SP: It’s just my name. I’m half debating whether to use it more often. I chat to some people on the internet who only know me as Scrap Princess and sometimes they call me ‘Scrap’. I kind of like that.

M: I do too.

Caitlyn: Did Boon say when Scrap Princess emerged?

SP: I really can’t remember. I think it came when I tried to make every monster out of the Dungeon and Dragons first edition monster manual and I used it as an umbrella name for the project.

M: Any final words?

SP: God is Dead and his angels are starving.

M: Can I italicise the ‘and’ in that?

SP: Yes.


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