Vampimple, a play written and performed by Alice May Connolly as part of the NZ Fringe Festival in Wellington, was not only staged in 19 Tory St, but also set there. 19 Tory was treated as a ‘found space’ for the nights of performances, which created an intimate and unique theatrical experience for the audience.

Vampimple was a recollection of memories from a lonely, friendless, acne-ridden vampire who had seemingly gathered the audience there to eat them, however soon revealed that she only wanted to befriend them. The anecdotes were autobiography strung together with the thread of the fictional, vampire-genre.

The show was koha entry, and every night saw 30+ people cramming into seats arranged in only one third of the 19 Tory St space.

The show was also rehearsed in the space, which is a rare occurrence for theatre. It meant that Vampimple could develop naturally as a piece of writing, and Alice could become more comfortable and aware in the space as a performer.

In a review of the show, Charlotte Simmonds acknowledges the significance of 19 Tory St as a venue for this play. 19 Tory’s nurturing environment has not gone unnoticed.


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