12 months ago, the use of 19 Tory St was granted to the Concerned Citizens community to set up the Open-Source Community Gallery we all know and love.

In that time, the space has hosted more than two hundred events, all initiated by self-organising people in the community. All of these events have involved the exchange of creativity, knowledge, happiness, inspiration, social bonds and good ideas, and very few have involved the exchange of money. This was all made possible by the support, time and energy of a community of warm, generous, talented folks like you.

The 19 Tory St community wants to thank the owner of the building for allowing us to use the space for free. However, due to the harsh constraints of economy, the owner of the building sadly isn’t able to continue providing the space to the community free of charge. The Concerned Citizens Collective isn’t particularly engaged in the economy (have no money) so are unfortunately not in a position to pay the amount required to continue in the space.

These changing circumstances mean that it’s time for a new chapter at 19 Tory St, and a succession of the space to a new conglomeration:

If a few more people/groups/networks/collectives/organizations can get together and pool resources (a total of between $150 and $250 per week), the Wellington creative community can secure the use of 19 Tory St into the future.

Potential uses include work space, studio space, gallery space, performance space, and whatever else comes to you. The only real restriction is playing nicely with others, and avoiding very loud noise that makes the neighbours sad.

Some groups that might be involved are Chalkle, Urban Dream Brokerage, Generation Zero, and the See Here Gallery, and possibly Concerned Citizens in some capacity.

If you’re interested, get in touch! If you know anyone else who might be interested, let them know! Thank you for your support!

  1. Bek says:

    Bugger…money’s not the point!!!! – stink when it becomes it.
    Heaps of people doing a small weekly donation..for a wee while?
    100x 2.50 ?
    most people are broke…
    i broke but –
    i’d do 2.50 a week…..!!!!
    ‘mates of Tory – no questions asked ‘

  2. Rupert Hunter says:

    As soon as I have a job!!

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