Walkatjurra Walkabout

On 7th February, Lucy and I used the space at 19 Tory Street from about 7pm-8:30pm for a talk about the Walkatjurra Walkabout, a non violent direct action in the form of a walk against uranium mining and for Aboriginal sovereignty. Lucy and I gave a talk and used a projector borrowed from 128 to … Continue reading

FANG x GRIM exhibition

BLURB (written by Hayden): On 12 April myself Grimoire and my good friend Fang came together for a joint exhibition after years of being friends and a good few months of planning. The show went really well with a lot of support from our friends, families and other artists in the Wellington community including our … Continue reading

David Merritt Poetry Experience

David Merritt returned to 19 Tory St on Sunday 14 April for three hours of what can best be described as an ‘experience’, or in David’s own words: “I bought along some boxes containing 50 single A3 poemettes made out of good old seasoned banana box cardboard and readers digest condensed books, a few copies … Continue reading

Reading: Alan Badiou’s ‘The Incident at Antioch’

Monday nights in April a group was bought together to read aloud a play about a girl called Paula, set in a time of revolution. Paula tries to invent a politics that stays true to emancipatory desire but avoids becoming entranced by power; a politics that is not fixated with taking power, but with making … Continue reading

Oil Free Wellington

Oil Free Wellington hosted a night of painting, socialising and the launch of their campaign against Anadarko’s proposed oil exploration off the coast of Wellington. 200 signs painted to go out to Wellingtonians to display on their fences around the region for their Day of Action April 20th, 2013.

Self-Organising Communities

Self-Organising Communities: The role of technology in disaster response and community preparedness Scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, anarchists, and public servants are coming together in Wellington for an evening of quick-fire presentations exploring how technology is changing the way communities organise themselves and respond to disasters, at the 19 Tory Street Community Gallery at 5pm on Thursday … Continue reading