David Merritt Poetry Experience

David Merritt returned to 19 Tory St on Sunday 14 April for three hours of what can best be described as an ‘experience’, or in David’s own words:

“I bought along some boxes containing 50 single A3 poemettes made out of good old seasoned banana box cardboard and readers digest condensed books, a few copies of geek prayers, mixture of wishes, grist and kibble, in overdraft – all collections and a few grid poems for people to perform or wonder about. These poems date from 1987 through to today.

“The poems covered a variety of themes and topics from high end geek through to the usual crops of male sad arse, hens, politics, weird etc … Attendees always get to read all this stuff and more in their own time. The poems can have drinks spilt on them or be taken outside for a smoke. You can tweet kibbles hoho. You can read them quietly in a corner with the i-pod on or take turns reading them loudly with your friends. Bring your dinner or supper and leave your cellphone on – I’m quite a liberal.

“I mostly made these poemettes using traditional postmodern combinations of gluestick / stapler / stamp set / photocopies in a corner and / or smoking outside as the night went on. I always try to remember to wear the OSH-approved hi-viz poet safety jacket. Bring your own if you have one.

“First, I “read” a short set based on attendee feedback and my own perverse sense of mood and appropriateness. YMMV. Then there was a short talk / explanation for newcomers. I read stuff closer to 9.00ish for those curious enough as to how I say it out loud. This newer way of doing readings / performances / installations / is evolving and up for reappraisals and improvements. Improvisations and measures of poetic licence may be applied.”

David Merritt 1


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