Walkatjurra Walkabout

On 7th February, Lucy and I used the space at 19 Tory Street from about 7pm-8:30pm for a talk about the Walkatjurra Walkabout, a non violent direct action in the form of a walk against uranium mining and for Aboriginal sovereignty. Lucy and I gave a talk and used a projector borrowed from 128 to show a slide show, then we had discussion afterwards.

About 7 people came, and while the audience was small, the talk was received really well, the small numbers contributing I think to people getting more out of it, especially when it came time for questions and discussion.

In future, I would have put more effort into checking what else is on before we choose a date and time (a hui on poverty was on at exactly same time, and I had a couple of apologies from people who couldn’t attend) and think the small turn out also reflects the difficulties organising an event when you live in another city.

The space itself was excellent (though we did have some trouble finding the lights to start!), the central location and set up worked well for us. Thanks for the opportunity to hold the event in your space.

Anna-Claire Hunter


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