Georgette Brown – Flower Bed

Flower Bed is a collection of drawings, paintings, and books i have made mostly over the last six months.

I have called it this because my process is similar to making a garden. I sew the seeds of variety at various times, sometimes i have more of an idea what each seed will grow into, sometimes i am throwing out these seeds with faith in whatever comes out. I am always stoked when my creative flower bed is one of health and vibrancy.

A Flower is a marvelous living thing and to flower is a state in which i want us all to be living in. I draw an immense amount of inspiration from flowers, and nature in general.

The word bed is also a word of importance for me, as i do most of my dreaming and scheming there. A place to rest and gather ones self, a place to make love, a place to dream, to meditate, to rise anew with each glowing day. All things that nourish my creative flow…….

Flower bed is also an experiment, as it is my first time exhibiting by myself.


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