Company of Giants: wrap-up

we had an amazing week in the space. we are working on turning our huge, rambling, theatre production of Homer’s Odyssey, which, we have previously only performed with casts of around 25, into a story told by five people.

five actors not necessarily on a stage, an audience not necessarily in seats, and a line between those actors and that audience, not necessarily so well drawn.

the space grew with us over the days we related to it, our explorations of story-telling expanding into it, and becoming more adventurous as we found ourselves in nineteen tory.

the discoveries we made in our time within the space form part of valuable new understandings we have of story telling, and how we just might go about performing such an epic saga with so few people.

we all throw a ginormous boulder full of appreciation onto nineteen tory, and all who make it possible. we hope that we can one day return, and show you all what ambitious play we have been up to!


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