Shocking Pinks video shoot

Director Sasha Rainbow had this to say about the shoot for the new Shocking Pinks video: “I wanted to play with the juxtaposition between the almost ghost-like presence of the character, who could be from any era, with the imagery and colours of the letters, which are in Japanese because Japan screams modernity (in so many ways) and the actual shapes of the letters have something jarring and angular that really compliments the opposing feeling I was going for.”




THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Credits published are as follows 🙂

Director: Sasha Rainbow
Producer, Art Director, Editor: Gemma Syme

Actress: Sam Norton
Camera Operator: Rachel Brandon
Camera Operator: Richard Robertshawe
Camera Operator: Nicola Higham
Camera Operator: Nathan Taare
Camera Operator: Bri Patterson
Camera Operator: Phoebe Morris
Camera Operator: Rent Rea

Make Up: Bri Patterson
Make Up Assistant: Jessica Baider
Wardrobe: Nicola Higham

Stills artwork: Nick Harte

HUGE thanks to Murdoch Stephens & Concerned Citizens/19 Tory St, & Luke, Simon & Daif at Skyranch.


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