SAFE: Shakti Art Fundraising Exhibition

In October 17 Tory Street hosted the SAFE: Shakti Art Fundraising Exhibition, in support of the vital and inspiring work of Shakti.

Shakti is a not-for-profit organisation specialised in the area of ethnic women’s development and domestic violence prevention, who were opening a new safe house in the Wellington region.
The fundraising exhibition took place between October 21st – 24th. The event was brought together by Vicky Beesley and many wonderful volunteers like Pinky Fang, Anna Vesta Rogers, Ian Jorgensen, Linda Mathias, Sophie Thorn and Andy Cummins, with special thanks to 17 Tory’s Lucy Wheeler for facilitating the event and being an enormous help with planning the exhibition.

Thank you all for the hard work, it was an incredible event. 

Artists from Mica Still, Kevin Dunkley, Catherine Roberts, Toni Mosley, Jamie Mackman, Deano Shiriffs and many more (over 30 in total) donated work. The event raised over $5000.

On the closing night a party was held. Delicious food was kindly provided by sweet Jane catering (Brigid O’Flaherty) with donations from Sweet Bakery and Cakery. ParrotDog and Six Barrel Soda Co. With music performances from the incredible Skymning and Charlotte Forrester (womb).

Shakti provide a vital service in the community. The Group recognises the barriers that come with migration and the intergenerational bonds of cultural oppression and are set out to challenge the cultural acceptance of domestic violence within the ethnic communities; promote gender equity; and bring about social change. Shakti is committed to the cause of women’s empowerment and contributes effectively through its series of educational and life skills programmes.

Shakti receive very little government funding, so it is vital that events like this happen, to ensure these inspiring women can keep doing such important work. For more information about Shakti go to


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