A Year in Miniature by Susan diRende

“I am currently a US artist-in-residence at New Zealand Pacific Studios in Mt. Bruce. I have been here since January 1 and am working on A Year in Miniature, one 54 x 85mm works a day for 2015.

The project was born out of a random offer from a friend of some plastic credit/bank card blanks that were shipped by mistake from China. Instead of tossing them in a landfill, he asked if I could do something with them, so I decided to document my plan to spend 2015 on the road, having sold most of my belongings and given up my house and car.

I started drawing on the cards with Sharpie permanent markers and discovered that the inks continue to interact on the plastic surface, to blend and move, resulting in almost “painted” canvas. You can view January and February here: http://susandirende.com/miniatures.html. By April 19, I will have just over 100 pieces completed and displayed them by simply arranging them in a timeline on the wall using blue tack.

I also showed some video loops and talked about women’s work and women’s art (I founded and ran a film festival in Los Angeles for ten years (broadhumor.com) for comic films by women and have written and spoken about women’s narrative styles.”

P1230560 P1230561


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