Climate Connections at 17 Tory Street

Oil Free Wellington hosted the first of its public forums on climate justice and intersections with other movements on Tuesday night with a panel on Climate and Work.

Speakers Helyeni Pratley (Unite Union), Joe Fleetwood (Maritime Union), Ed Miller (First Union) and Tim Jones (Coal Action Network [CANA]) spoke on a huge range of issues affecting their workers and areas of work over the short and long term. Tim Jones highlighted the positive possibilities for a planned transition away from fossil fuels, and discussed various examples that feature in the CANA report, Jobs after Coal. Union speakers all talked to the precarious nature of work and the continual struggle over terms and conditions in the workplace. Heleyni indicated her hope and vision for the union movement embracing a wider vision of social change and thereby reinvigorating workers’ movements. All speakers endorsed a comprehensive plan for a just transition away from fossil fuels.

The next climate connections workshop is about food and food systems. It will be held on Monday, August 27th at 5.45pm. More details on Facebook.

work and climate 2 work and climate 1



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