Kenneth Bailey at 17 Tory Street

Kenneth Bailey and Lucy Wheeler
Photo by Ashley Mackenzie-white

On Tuesday the 29th of March an event was organised to host Kenneth Bailey from the Design Studio for Social Intervention from Boston.

The conversation was orientated by Food Sovereignty with support from members of Kava Club AtiAueTuhoe, Ashley Mackenzie-white and Kava Club co-founder Leilani A Visesio.

Keely Skinner showed her micro documentary on Tapu Te Ranga Marae and intergenerational living in Island Bay. Thank you to Pare and Hirini from Tapu Te Ranga Marae and all for sharing your gifts and insights.

This korero initiated exchange on:
Origins of food
Community gardens
Indigenous knowledge
Taro plant as ancestor
Papatuanuku comes through us
Sharing recipes
Climate change
Communities of colour
Sharing seeds
Harvesting kai
Clean water
Intergenerational living
Kaitiakitanga guardianship and conservation

Kai was shared and enjoyed, thank you to all that gave their presences, listened and exchanged. To those who inspire, who have gone before thank you.


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