17 Tory Street is on holiday cos earthquakes

With the recent seismic activity, those earthquakes eh. Lower Tory Street has been closed, as the carpark opposite is very unstable and is currently in the process of being torn down.

Less oil in the City would be great, how can we get this trend going without having the earth move so dramatically? Be wonderful to have something in this space that is community minded and engaged. We hear on the grapevine it will be a Countdown?  Ugh.

In the meantime we’re on holiday! 17 Tory St is having a rest over the month of December. We’ve tried to contact all people using the space in the next month and we’d also ask that if you want to propose an event do so for January onwards.

Good news from the structural engineers and property managers saying that the building is in good condition and held up well. Here is our is our friendly comrade Murdoch Stephens with his cool as t-shirt “really, you’re fine”.


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