Ragrugs and 17 Tory Street

On Tuesday and Wednesday 27 – 28 of September 17 Tory Street became the centrepoint for a gathering of handmade rugs made from recycled clothes and sacks. The art of making these mats is a tradition going back past the great depression when our great, great grandmothers made floor coverings out of old stockings and flour sacks to keep the warmth of the house. The cloth is cut into strips and hooked through the sacking.

Lucy Wheeler curated this rather eclectic collection of about fifty mats made by Shirley-Anne Morrow and family members. Helen Wylie exhibited stunning colour designs that were hung on the white walls for a vivid effect. Others were laid on the floor to display the different patterns – some modern and some more classic.

The space was a perfect venue for friends, family and enthusiastic ragruggers  – to gather and celebrate this creative art form. Thank you to 17 Tory Street Open Source Community Gallery!


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