About Concerned Citizens

Concerned Citizens is a diverse community of artists from around New Zealand that unite regularly to put on public events, exhibitions and concerts. These events provide an eclectic showcase of local and international creative talent, while raising funds and awareness in support of a range of positive social and political causes. We are excited by the idea that creative projects can break down barriers between people, reframe discussions, and engage people who might otherwise be reluctant to participate in socially driven causes.

We want you to get involved! You can participate in the group discussion on our Facebook page, and we’ll be regularly updating this site with news about what’s going on in the new space.

We have teamed up with a range of organisations to date, including Wellington Women’s Refugethe SPCA Emergency Earthquake FundArchitecture for Humanity,October 15th Solidarity,  the Wellington Palestine Group, the ActiveStills photography collective, and the Afrapix photography collective.  

Photo courtesy of Marms
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One Response to “About Concerned Citizens”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Attended the left overs TPP meeting last night, an introduction to 19 Tory St. It’s great to see the living commitment and energy out there to provide a communal space like this. Thanks Concerned citizens collective and The Freedom shop Collective for opening these eyes!

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