Self-Organising Communities

Self-Organising Communities: The role of technology in disaster response and community preparedness Scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, anarchists, and public servants are coming together in Wellington for an evening of quick-fire presentations exploring how technology is changing the way communities organise themselves and respond to disasters, at the 19 Tory Street Community Gallery at 5pm on Thursday … Continue reading

Thanks but no thanks!

Following on from Sunday’s discussion, we had a couple of demonstrations at the War Celebrations around Wellington yesterday. Hannah from ElevenHoursAhead wrote an excellent story with lots of great photos from the morning’s action, where we laid a wreath in a solemn and peaceful commemoration of those ignored by the official ceremonies: the civilians killed … Continue reading

Public discussion on US-NZ military relationship, with Nicky Hager and Adi Leason

Audio recordings: Nicky Hager talks about US-NZ relations, giving context for the two points of view on the issue: the anti-militarism of the majority of the NZ public versus the pro-war stance of the powers that be + Q&A: Adi Leason spins a yarn about infiltrating the Waihopai spy base, doing $1m damage, and being … Continue reading

Exhibition in support of the Urewera 18

Our most recent event raised over $6,000 for the defendants in the Urewera 18 ‘terror raids’ case, but more importantly, it got hundreds of people all over the country talking about the issues surrounding the case: such as the roles of the police, government, and media in the public perception of ‘activism’ vs. ‘terrorism’, and … Continue reading