Propose an event

We have some ideas for what we’d like the space to be used for, but we are really open to suggestions. We get excited by words like participation, diversity, engagement, collaboration, inclusion, and community.

17 Tory St is not a traditional gallery or venue for people to deposit art or performances into. We want to get to know you! We hope for it to be a space where you can share your passion with other creative people.

We’re going to say ‘yes’ to as many proposals as we possibly can. To make it more likely that your idea gets approved, give us plenty of detail, and check the calendar on the right to make sure your proposed time is available. We basically want to know two things:

  1. you’ve got a clear idea of what you want your event to be, and it is more-or-less in line with our core values, and
  2. you’re prepared to take control of your event, as much as possible. This might involve promotion, gallery minding, making sure the space gets locked up every night, whatever. We have lots of volunteers that want to help make your event a success, but at the end of the day you will be responsible for making sure that everything that needs to get done, gets done.

Please bear in mind that we have the space for an indefinite time period: i.e. we could get kicked out at any time! We plan to make the most of the space while we’ve got it but just keep that uncertainty in mind when making your proposal.

As of June 2012 we have been in a precarious situation with regards to noise levels at 19 Tory Street. At the moment we are erring on the side of caution with regards to any events that contain amplification. That said, each event is considered on its own merits.

As a rule of thumb, 17 Tory St is not suitable for ongoing rehearsals, as we prefer to keep the space open for performances and meetings, including those that come up at short notice.

Window display
People’s Cinema has a display up in the window of 17 Tory St, promoting events happening at People’s Cinema, at 17 Tory St, and around Wellington. If you have an event or campaign which you would like People’s Cinema to help promote, please use this form to send an image through and we can add it to the slideshow.

Guide to using 17 Tory St
Murdoch has published the definitive style guide for using the space with panache care and just a little bit of aroha, which is full of useful information for anyone hosting an event in 17 Tory St.

Fringe Festival
We’ve had a lot of great applications so 17 Tory St is now fully booked during the 2016 Wellington Fringe Festival (Feb 12 – Mar 5).

Propose an event
Use this form to tell us about your event proposal. If you have any questions about the proposal process flick us an email at