Jayn Verkerk – Message Threads: Nov 29 – Dec 1

Exploring interpersonal communication through smart phones as part of a media masters study by Jayn Verkerk at Victoria University, School of Design. The work contrasts the fleeting, digital form of text messages with crafted, tactile, physical objects. In a form of communication without physical cues what meaning can be found between the lines? Open 4-8pm … Continue reading

Book release: Freerange Journal – Vol. 7: The Commons

On a rainy night in early November Freerange Journal – Vol. 7: The Commons was launched at 19 Tory Street in Wellington. There was discussion of the theme, reflection on particular articles, speeches and Drinks (including a Kava Session). This edition of Freerange Journal explores the issue of The Commons from many different angles, perspectives, … Continue reading

Pedalling for Papua

Jeremy is Pedalling for Papua: a one-man multimedia performer whose aim is to transform West Papua into a household topic, one town at a time. 19 Tory was one of Jeremy’s last stops in an 12,000-kilometre international cycling and performance tour. On Wednesday 16th October an Wellington audience of fifty listened and watched Jeremy’s hip-hop … Continue reading

Company of Giants: wrap-up

we had an amazing week in the space. we are working on turning our huge, rambling, theatre production of Homer’s Odyssey, which, we have previously only performed with casts of around 25, into a story told by five people. five actors not necessarily on a stage, an audience not necessarily in seats, and a line … Continue reading

Decolonising Narrative: Voice, Solidarity and Social Media

“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Opening with a proverb cited by late Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, international guest speaker Yousef Aljamal brought his firsthand account of life in a Gazaan refugee camp to 19 Tory this Thursday. The evening, which was organised by … Continue reading

Poetry in Motion: Ken Arkind/Carrie Rudzinski poetry workshop

Local performance poetry group Poetry in Motion recently hosted two of America’s heavyweights in slam poetry to deliver a writing workshop at 19 Tory Street. Ken Arkind and Carrie Rudzinski have over 15 years experience between them in the spoken word community in the US, and have performed and delivered workshops all over the world. … Continue reading

Georgette Brown – Flower Bed

Flower Bed is a collection of drawings, paintings, and books i have made mostly over the last six months. I have called it this because my process is similar to making a garden. I sew the seeds of variety at various times, sometimes i have more of an idea what each seed will grow into, … Continue reading

Walkatjurra Walkabout

On 7th February, Lucy and I used the space at 19 Tory Street from about 7pm-8:30pm for a talk about the Walkatjurra Walkabout, a non violent direct action in the form of a walk against uranium mining and for Aboriginal sovereignty. Lucy and I gave a talk and used a projector borrowed from 128 to … Continue reading

FANG x GRIM exhibition

BLURB (written by Hayden): On 12 April myself Grimoire and my good friend Fang came together for a joint exhibition after years of being friends and a good few months of planning. The show went really well with a lot of support from our friends, families and other artists in the Wellington community including our … Continue reading

David Merritt Poetry Experience

David Merritt returned to 19 Tory St on Sunday 14 April for three hours of what can best be described as an ‘experience’, or in David’s own words: “I bought along some boxes containing 50 single A3 poemettes made out of good old seasoned banana box cardboard and readers digest condensed books, a few copies … Continue reading

Oil Free Wellington

Oil Free Wellington hosted a night of painting, socialising and the launch of their campaign against Anadarko’s proposed oil exploration off the coast of Wellington. 200 signs painted to go out to Wellingtonians to display on their fences around the region for their Day of Action April 20th, 2013.


12 months ago, the use of 19 Tory St was granted to the Concerned Citizens community to set up the Open-Source Community Gallery we all know and love. In that time, the space has hosted more than two hundred events, all initiated by self-organising people in the community. All of these events have involved the … Continue reading


Vampimple, a play written and performed by Alice May Connolly as part of the NZ Fringe Festival in Wellington, was not only staged in 19 Tory St, but also set there. 19 Tory was treated as a ‘found space’ for the nights of performances, which created an intimate and unique theatrical experience for the audience. … Continue reading

Pirates, Coastguard and Warships at the Horn of Africa

The brief communique for the event only hinted at the brilliant confluence of thought to come. The Freedom Shop Collective were hosting the first of their three discussions for November: Ten Somali were recently put on trial for ‘piracy’ in Germany. Why did Europe’s richest nation try people from one of the poorest countries? Why … Continue reading

A Tea With The Tories

New in this week’s Salient magazine: Renee Gerlich has a chinwag with Richard Bartlett of Nineteen Tory Street. I’m typically cynical about the tedium of anarchism, but Tory street is a powerful demonstration of how it can work, and something magic has emerged as members have grown into the process. Their regular, inquiring decision-making has … Continue reading

The Workers Party presents a discussion series: What is Marxism?

Talk #1: Presentation slides available here “What is Marxism” discussion On July 24th the Workers Party held the first of a series of monthly discussions at 19 Tory St, starting with the topic “What is Marxism?” This aimed to open up questions of whether ongoing social movements should use and engage with Marxist methods. Ian … Continue reading

On now at 19 Tory St: THE SEE HERE presents LISA WALKER

Currently showing new work by LISA WALKER | 23rd July – 19th August theseehere.com | info@theseehere.com | 022 169 7583 The See Here is a forum for interaction with experimental jewellery practice. It provides public space for showing work that: Explores the terrain between body adornment and issues of fine art and craft Has a … Continue reading

Recording: Embrace Vile Predicate – Easter Doom

Embrace Vile Predicate (St Cosmos and Max Trevor Thomas Edmond) recorded 28th April 2012, live at 19 Tory St, Wellington, NZ. [Full size image]

Zahra Killeen-Chance presents: Is That Her.

Choreographer and performer Zahra Killeen-Chance presents her solo work Is That Her. She presents herself in body, in voice, in film, in movement, which steers her towards and away from endings of innocence and illusion. Performed at 19 Tory St, Wellington New Zealand, 30th June 2012

Generation Zero – ETS Evening 25/06/12

New Zealand youth climate change advocacy organisation Generation Zero held the first of its ‘Big Ideas’ nights, an interactive discussion forum exploring key issues and debates of the move towards a zero carbon Aotearoa. Last Monday (25th June) they explored the New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme; assessing if it really achieved what it is needed … Continue reading

Public discussion on US-NZ military relationship, with Nicky Hager and Adi Leason

Audio recordings: Nicky Hager talks about US-NZ relations, giving context for the two points of view on the issue: the anti-militarism of the majority of the NZ public versus the pro-war stance of the powers that be + Q&A: Adi Leason spins a yarn about infiltrating the Waihopai spy base, doing $1m damage, and being … Continue reading

Discussion notes: What is 19 Tory St, why is it here?

22/5/12: Ben Knight and Richard Bartlett (from 19 Tory St), Sophie Jerram (Letting Space) and Dick Whyte (Artist, Teacher, Aro Valley pundit) fronted an informal discussion about art, politics, and access to space. Ben opened with an introduction to Concerned Citizens, the collective behind 19 Tory St. Concerened Citizens started at a Garrett St address … Continue reading

Palestine Monologues

A fundraising event for independent journalism in Gaza, Hungry for Freedom: The Palestine Monologues, featured six people reading out original pieces of writing from residents of Gaza and the West Bank. Read more at Scoop.

Film Night: Waste Land

Andrew Cobb organised a screening of Waste Land on Friday. Waste Land documents contemporary artist Vik Muniz’s return to his home of country of Brazil to share the experience of creating art with the pickers of the worlds largest landfill. This film is a fascinating look at the impact of art on all walks of … Continue reading

Crafternoon at 19 Tory St