Decolonising Narrative: Voice, Solidarity and Social Media

“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Opening with a proverb cited by late Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, international guest speaker Yousef Aljamal brought his firsthand account of life in a Gazaan refugee camp to 19 Tory this Thursday. The evening, which was organised by … Continue reading

The Workers Party presents a discussion series: What is Marxism?

Talk #1: Presentation slides available here “What is Marxism” discussion On July 24th the Workers Party held the first of a series of monthly discussions at 19 Tory St, starting with the topic “What is Marxism?” This aimed to open up questions of whether ongoing social movements should use and engage with Marxist methods. Ian … Continue reading

Generation Zero – ETS Evening 25/06/12

New Zealand youth climate change advocacy organisation Generation Zero held the first of its ‘Big Ideas’ nights, an interactive discussion forum exploring key issues and debates of the move towards a zero carbon Aotearoa. Last Monday (25th June) they explored the New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme; assessing if it really achieved what it is needed … Continue reading

Public discussion on US-NZ military relationship, with Nicky Hager and Adi Leason

Audio recordings: Nicky Hager talks about US-NZ relations, giving context for the two points of view on the issue: the anti-militarism of the majority of the NZ public versus the pro-war stance of the powers that be + Q&A: Adi Leason spins a yarn about infiltrating the Waihopai spy base, doing $1m damage, and being … Continue reading

Discussion notes: What is 19 Tory St, why is it here?

22/5/12: Ben Knight and Richard Bartlett (from 19 Tory St), Sophie Jerram (Letting Space) and Dick Whyte (Artist, Teacher, Aro Valley pundit) fronted an informal discussion about art, politics, and access to space. Ben opened with an introduction to Concerned Citizens, the collective behind 19 Tory St. Concerened Citizens started at a Garrett St address … Continue reading

Film Night: Waste Land

Andrew Cobb organised a screening of Waste Land on Friday. Waste Land documents contemporary artist Vik Muniz’s return to his home of country of Brazil to share the experience of creating art with the pickers of the worlds largest landfill. This film is a fascinating look at the impact of art on all walks of … Continue reading