Pedalling for Papua

Jeremy is Pedalling for Papua: a one-man multimedia performer whose aim is to transform West Papua into a household topic, one town at a time. 19 Tory was one of Jeremy’s last stops in an 12,000-kilometre international cycling and performance tour. On Wednesday 16th October an Wellington audience of fifty listened and watched Jeremy’s hip-hop … Continue reading

Company of Giants: wrap-up

we had an amazing week in the space. we are working on turning our huge, rambling, theatre production of Homer’s Odyssey, which, we have previously only performed with casts of around 25, into a story told by five people. five actors not necessarily on a stage, an audience not necessarily in seats, and a line … Continue reading

In residence at 19 Tory this week: Company of Giants

Recording: Embrace Vile Predicate – Easter Doom

Embrace Vile Predicate (St Cosmos and Max Trevor Thomas Edmond) recorded 28th April 2012, live at 19 Tory St, Wellington, NZ. [Full size image]

Zahra Killeen-Chance presents: Is That Her.

Choreographer and performer Zahra Killeen-Chance presents her solo work Is That Her. She presents herself in body, in voice, in film, in movement, which steers her towards and away from endings of innocence and illusion. Performed at 19 Tory St, Wellington New Zealand, 30th June 2012